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Kathy Kelly, Renowned Peace Activist to speak in Elgin, Sept., 18th

Kathy Kelly color photo

Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly, coordinator of Voices for Creative Non-Violence and world renowned peace activist, will speak

on Sunday,

September 18th

at 2:00 PM


at Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren,

783 W. Highland Avenue,

Elgin, IL 60123. 

Kathy has been nominated three times for a Nobel Peace Prize.  She and her colleagues have travelled into active war zones to live among civilians in the line of fire, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Gaza.  She has brought back to Americans compassionate stories of the lives of those civilians.  More recently, she has travelled to Russia. read more

Occupy Elgin for Sept 5th, 1PM. Support Iran Nuclear Deal

Occupy Elgin will meet on Saturday, September 5th,  from 1PM till 2PM at the corner of Kimball Street and Grove Avenue in Elgin.  We will focus on support for the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Support Iran Nuclear Deal!
A war with Iran would be even more disastrous to our troops, our society, and our position in the world than our recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The same persons who led us into those wars intend to provoke a war with Iran. In those cases, they told us that the war would be quick and easy and could be won mostly from the air. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. They are the major opponents of the Iran Nuclear Deal. read more

Ask Tammy Duckworth to support the Iran Nuclear Deal!

You can copy this letter and send it to Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth in an email or on paper.  You can edit it to personalize your message, and you can modify it to make it suitable for other members of Congress. 

August______________, 2015

The Honorable Tammy Duckworth, MC

1701 E. Woodfield Road, Suite 704

Schaumburg, IL 60173

RE: Please support the agreement with Iran

Dear Ms. Duckworth:

I commend your statement on your web site: “As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I am also committed to working to ensure that our nation never again goes to war without fully considering and understanding the true costs. The effects of war need to be taken into serious consideration before putting our troops at risk.” I am confident that you agree both that Iran must not obtain nuclear arms and that a war with Iran would be even more disastrous to our troops, our society and our position in the world than our recent interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The same persons who led us into those wars have the stated intent of provoking war with Iran. Just as in those prior cases, they tell us now that the war would be brief, could be won from the air, and would not involve American troops on the ground. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. read more

We Support this MENA Statement on Syria

The MENA Solidarity Network-US promotes awareness of, and support for, the ongoing wave of mass revolutionary struggles in the Middle East and North Africa–popularly known as the Arab Revolutions. We were founded by groups and individuals from the left and workers’ movements who recognized the need to oppose Western imperialist threats to attack Syria while also continuing to defend Syria’s popular revolution against the Assad dictatorship and its allies. We thus oppose all forms of imperialist intervention in the region while supporting popular struggles against all who would deny democratic rights or enforce economic exploitation. We are committed to the principle of international solidarity from below, which supports the struggles of the oppressed against their oppressors in all of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Bahrain, and other countries. We cannot, as people of conscience, ignore the call for “Freedom, Dignity, and Social Justice” coming from revolutionaries throughout the region. We believe that these mass movements share deep socioeconomic roots and are the beginning of a revolutionary process that will continue to unfold in the coming years. We stand in solidarity with the people of the Middle East and North Africa as they go through this process and create their own history and oppose any intervention from our own government. We defend the rights of all people to practice, or not practice, any religious faith of their choosing. Based in the United States, we see a particular responsibility to defend Muslims from Islamophobic vilification and discrimination. We highlight and applaud the role of women in the revolutions, and support their full rights and equal participation in society and in the revolutionary process. And we pay particular attention to the struggles of workers and poor people, defending their rights and drawing attention to their struggles. We call upon all groups and people who agree with us to sign onto our statement and join our network to oppose US intervention and help build solidarity with our brothers and sisters struggling for freedom and justice in the Middle East and North Africa.

rally in opposition to a US military strike against Syria

Please share widely.

Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice will rally in opposition to a US military strike against Syria on Thursday, September 12th from 4:30 PM till 5:30 PM in front of the new Walmart at 1100 S. Randall Road in Elgin. That’s a block South of Bowes Road on the West side of Randall.

We chose that site for maximum visibility and that time for the maximum flow of traffic along Randall.

Please let us know if you are coming by sending an email to We want to know that we will have at least the minimum number of people necessary to make a credible statement of opposition. read more